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XXXI Kalamazoo KlashWinner - Brian Bergakker

Outlaw Victory LaneThe Pavement Outlaw Late Model Nose is once again setting the standard for ultimate performance. The aggressive aero styling provides maximum downforce giving our customers the competitive edge they need to win major events like this! Congratulations Brian!

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Conrad MorganConrad is one of the very first Five Star customers! We caught up with him earlier this week and asked about his experience with Five Star.

Conrad Morgan Racing said "I started racing in 1966 and at the time we were buying body panels from the junk yard. In the late 70's, I stopped by Carl and Fran's at the original gas station and purchased an aluminum door that they manufactured. Buying parts from Five Star makes life so much easier because the replacement panels are an exact fit every time. The body panels that Carl and Fran made exceeded the expectations of most racers.

I have always had a great relationship with Carl and now Corey too since he started his time at Five Star. I enjoy the tour of the Five Star facility every time I visit. It seems like that place is always getting bigger. Everyone there always makes me feel welcome and I'm always excited to see them. I could go on and on about the durability and fitment of the body panels. Five Star never sells an inferior part and they have been great since the very beginning."

Conrad also mentioned: "I want to thank Jim Katzenberg and James Straube for the great advice over the years and helping with my body installations."

Conrad, from all of us at Five Star, thank you for being a great customer and good luck the next time you hit the track!

RYNO Classifieds Racer support tour '22 Sponsor

Racer Support TourFive Star Racecar Bodies is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the RYNO Classifieds Racer Support Tour '22 with $60,000 of sponsorship payouts.

The promotion kicks off starting today on where every type of racer can signup, create a profile, and get their page ready for the voting to begin in February. Whether you're racing on two wheels or four, dirt or asphalt, RYNO is all-in on building the support for your passion.

Starting on February 7, 2022, voting begins. Fans, friends, and family can cast their vote for their favorite racers after signing up for a free account. Vote daily for multiple racers and show the support they need to continue to push the limits each week on the track. The racer with the most votes during the week wins a $1,000 sponsorship check from RYNO and their sponsors.

No need to worry about only the votes! A weekly bonus round will award a separate $1,000 sponsorship check to the racer with the most compelling story. RYNO is looking to make sure everyone that races and holds the desire for winning has the opportunity to grab the sponsorship money!

A racer with a solid support team and the passion for pushing the social media channels to gain votes will have the opportunity to win up to $30,000 in sponsorship checks during the 30 weeks of the Racers Support Tour.

Some people think about hearts on Valentine's Day, but on February 14, 2022, RYNO will write a check to the first set of racers. The promotion concludes on September 4, 2022, with the final weekly promotion winners drawn on September 11, 2022.

So go sign up you might be one of the lucky winners.

Introducing the North American Sportsman Body

Sportsman Racers, it’s your turn to join the New Body Era.

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With over 30 years of innovative offerings for the class, Five Star Race Car Bodies is bringing things to yet another level with the North American Sportsman Body.  The body offers a new, stylish, and modern look, easy installation, enhanced durability, and the quality you’ve come to expect from Five Star.

The most noticeable upgrade of the North American Sportsman is the inclusion of our modern-look noses. These high-impact plastic noses show more brand identity, are easier to install and replace in two pieces instead of four, and are ultra-durable. They are available in Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang.

The body features a two-piece (front and rear) greenhouse, similar to most Five Star bodies allowing for easier mounting and quick and easy replacement of fenders, doors, and quarter panels.

Like its predecessor - the S2 Sportsman body - the North American Sportsman is based off a metric-style chassis with a wheel base up to 108”.  This chassis is a common basis for many Sportsman divisions across the United States and Canada as well as the basis for the NASCAR Peak Mexico Series.

Racers will love how easy the North American Sportsman Body is to install and maintain.  Many of the design aspects of this body are taken from that of the ABC NextGen Body, which was built with ease of installation in mind. Racers will find this to be the quickest, simplest Sportsman body they have ever installed.

Maintenance on this body will be another major upgrade racers will appreciate.  The fenders and quarter panels are made of our proprietary high-impact plastic. These panels are designed to maintain their shape integrity and rigidity, but also stand up to the test of hard racing on the track. Plastic panels absorb the most abuse of any material, and pop back into place. The greenhouse style body also leads to quick and easy replacement of fenders, doors, and quarter panels when the need arises.

the new building is ready

The growth at Five Star continues! We have recently expanded into our new windows and coating building, adding over 125,000 square feet of new production facilities.  This new building houses our coatings, forming, and CNC departments.  Not only to we produce the best windows in motorsports in this new, top-of-the-line facility, we also provide high-performance products for many applications outside of racing.  Those applications include other automotive, heavy machinery, mass transit, and safety equipment.

Our fabricating products and processes are born from the tight-tolerance, high performance world of auto racing, making us the leader in developing lighter and stronger automotive exterior components. With the expansion of our facility we can continue to grow and we are poised for new and challenging fabricating projects.  Click here to learn more about our fabricating capabilities.

ABC NextGen in Victory Lane at Winchester 400

Carson Hocevar scored a huge win behind the wheel of the Van Doorn Racing Development machine in the 2020 Winchester 400.  This win was just the latest in a string of races captured by Van Doorn's team with the ABC NextGen Body.  They also won the Money in the Bank race at Berlin Speedway with the 17-year-old Hocevar behind the wheel.

It was a dominating day for the #71 Chevrolet Camaro, taking the lead on lap 280 and never looking back on the way to the win.  Congratulations to the entire Van Doorn Racing Development win on the huge accomplishment! Click here to read the full story


Introducing Premium Adjustable Body Braces

We’re very excited about these new Premium Adjustable Body Braces, and we think racers will be too. They’re available in three options to meet any racers needs - flexible nylon, lightweight aluminum, or durable steel. All three high-quality options allow for fast and easy adjustments.

The steel version is the strongest and most durable. The aluminum is the lightest of the three options, giving the ultimate in weight savings. The nylon with aluminum ends is the most flexible, meaning the braces can take a hit and pop back into place.  All three feature an anodized finish to resist weathering and corrosion.

These braces are sold in pairs.

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ABC NextGen Body Wins Oxford 250

After many years of coming up just short, Johnny Clark broke through for his first win in the illustrious Oxford 250 this August with his ABC NextGen Chevrolet Camaro. 

Nearly half of the competitors at the event have mounted the new body on their cars, commenting how much they enjoy the updated look and ease of installation.

The win was the biggest scored thus far by a driver using the new ABC NextGen Body.  Although it has been out on the track for two seasons now, the body is gaining popularity.  With its recent approval by most tracks and sanctions, many drivers have made the switch or are planning to move to the updated body for 2021...meaning more banner wins are on the way.  Click here to read more about Clark's win.

New Hood Pin Kits are a Hit

Our new hood pin kits are being used in more and more race cars across the country. The early feedback has been very positive. Once again, Five Star delivers!

Racers love the stylish look and the high-quality anodized aluminum, gun-drilled pins.  The price is also on point compared to others on the market. Be sure to check out these hood pin kits. Available in red, blue, black, and silver.

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The Mustang MD3 Nose is here

This past spring, after the introduction of the very popular MD3 Camaro nose, we introduced a Mustang version. All accessories to complete the front kit are universal, making it easy for Ford fans to outfit their Street Stock or metric chassis race cars.  Like the Camaro the nose is specially designed for those types of car.  It is narrower and has less of a recess on the front so dirt won't get stuck on the nose.

This nose has options for full fenders or half fenders for racers who fabricate their own doors.  Other accessories includes a hood pin bracket, front bumper, nose graphic ID kit, nose screen, wear strips, and a scooped hood to complete a mean-looking front clip.

Click here for more photos, information, and ordering information

racers switching to Plastic Wear Strip Attach Kit

Racers are loving the new plastic wear strip attach kit. It’s both economical and saves weight - a true win win!

This kit includes ultra-durable black plastic inner and outer 1” diameter washers as well as lightweight aluminum nuts and bolts.  The entire kit weighs only 7 oz, nearly half that of the aluminum kit.

More and more racers are making the switch to the plastic wear strip attach kit to save cost and weight. Be sure to ask your check out more information on these kits at the link below.

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