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Premium Adjustable Body Brace Kits

can be used anywhere bracing is needed

  • Telescoping braces adjustable from 26" to 30-1/2"
  • Machined aluminum mounting ends with outline of Five Star emblem
  • Match perfectly with Five Star's 3/16" rivets to mount
  • Features thumb screw for quick, easy adjustments to meet critical dimensions



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  • Premium Adjustable Body Brace KitsPremium Adjustable Body Brace Kits
  • Steel Kit:
    • Made of high-quality durable steel, each brace weighing only 8.25 oz
    • Most durable of the adjustable braces
    • Kit includes: (2) tubes, (2) jam nuts, and (2) tabs
  • Aluminum Kit:
    • Made of high-quality lightweight aluminum, each brace weighing only 3.25 oz
    • Provides lightweight adjustable bracing
    • Kit includes: (2) tubes, (2) jam nuts, and (2) tabs
  • Nylon Kit:
    • Made of high-quality flexible nylon, each brace weighing only 5 oz
    • Anodized aluminum telescoping end
    • Very durable, yet lightweight adjustable bracing
    • Kit includes: (2) tubes, (2) jam nuts, and (2) tabs
  • Premium Adjustable Body Brace Kits

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