• Continually strive to improve the company
  • Monitor the performance of vendors
  • Monitor customer perception and have a method for dealing with customer complaints
  • Audit processes regularly and submit to periodic outside audits
  • Incorporate a corrective & preventative action system
  • Analyze data
  • And much, much more

On-site Testing Laboratory

The research and development laboratory at Five Star demonstrates our dedication to improving quality, and creates an environment for our engineering teams to seek new discoveries and accelerate product innovation for our customers. Five Star utilizes an extensive array of tools and equipment to support its engineering, testing, and quality control processes. We employ various testing measures in accordance with ASTM International standards to test the following:


  • Compression, tensile, and shear strength
  • Flex & load/deflection behavior
  • Cosmetic purity
  • UV degradation
  • Impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Ink and paint adhesion
  • Optical clarity
  • Light transmission
  • Flex & load/deflection behavior

These testing measures are helpful in guiding our customers to the proper materials and processes to achieve the highest quality composite, polycarbonate, or thermoformed plastic part.

Premium Materials

Five Star Quality Policy

Five Star has maintained a Quality Management System certified to the ISO 9001 standard since August, 2014.
This certification has proven to be an important step in assuring that customers receive the very best in quality
and service.

Five Star Team Members will strive to:

  • Meet customer requirements
  • Continuously improve the QMS
  • Meet company growth and profit goals
  • Maintain a clean and safe work place while protecting the environment in which we live

We will accomplish our commitment by:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (using OTD, Returns min) > 85.7%
  • Scrap ≤ 5.75 as a % of sales
  • Rework ≤ 10 as a % of sales
  • Continuous improvements in products and/or processes ≥ 3 per year companywide
  • Training & education ≥ 5 hours of internal training per 200 hours of external training per year companywide
  • Safe working environment < 5 reportable injuries per year
  • Safe working environment > 3 safety audits per year
  • Clean work place ≥ Average score of 35 points annually
  • Safe work place while protecting the environment in which we live