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ARCA Racing Series Body Packages

Aerodynamic, lightweight, durable

These bodies are everything a racer needs to hit the super speedways or tussle in the bullrings. They’re easy to mount, durable, and can cut labor and maintenance costs by up to 50% throughout the season. The bodies feature excellent aero performance engineered through extensive wind tunnel testing. They are also built for safety with flame-retardant panels and a Five Star exclusive tether system built into the hood.


  • Zero deflection at speeds 200+ mph
  • Withstands impact under racing conditions and will not leave debris on the track
  • Reduced cost for maintenance and repair
  • Body is divided into 12 separate flange-fit panels 
  • Ten mounting tabs laminated into the greenhouse
  • Fire-retardant body panels
  • Exclusive Five Star safety tether system built into the hood & hood flaps


Select your Body Style
Select your Left Door
Select your Right Door
Deck Lid, composite, PN: 14001-31011
Select your Deck Lid Extension
Select your Nose
Select your Bumper Cover
Bumper Cover Ext. Panel, PN: A-001-00934P-14 (optional)
Select your Greenhouse
Roof Hatch Filler Panel, PN: 14001-51612
Roof Hatch Latch System, PN: 15001-51695 (optional)
Roof Flap Assembly, 1-piece, drop-in ready, PN: 14001-51881 (optional)
Roof Flap Filler Panel, composite, PN: 14001-51912 (optional)
Select your Left Fender
Select your Right Fender
Select your Hood
Select your Left Hood Flap (for use with Speedway Hood)
Select your Right Hood Flap (for use with Speedway Hood)
Select your Left Quarter Panel
Select your Right Quarter Panel
Spoiler Blade, 1-piece aluminum, 3/16", PN: 14001-67033 (optional)
Select your Windshield
Select your Left Quarter Window
Select your Right Quarter Window
Select your Rear Window
Window Track, composite, right side, PN: 14001-76212 (optional)
Door Window, 1/4", right, PN: 14001-62342R (optional)
Price as configured:

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  • Chevrolet SS NoseChevrolet SS Nose
  • Chevrolet SS Bumper CoverChevrolet SS Bumper Cover
  • DoorDoor
  • FenderFender
  • HoodHood
  • Hood FlapsHood Flaps
  • Quarter PanelQuarter Panel
  • GreenhouseGreenhouse
  • SpoilerSpoiler

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