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COMP Cams Super Dirt Series Batesville Motor Speedway Race Weekend Preview

Gear Up for Two Days of High-Octane Action with the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series

Race fans, rev up your engines and get ready for an action-packed weekend as the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series heads to Batesville Motor Speedway in Locust Grove, Arkansas. This thrilling race, scheduled for May 10-11, promises an adrenaline-fueled showdown, bringing together top-tier Late Model drivers for two days of high-octane racing.

The COMP Cams Super Dirt Series is a highlight in the dirt track racing calendar, attracting talented drivers from across the region. This year's event promises fierce competition and unforgettable moments, with drivers vying for substantial prizes and a chance to make their mark on the dirt track scene.

The Venue: Batesville Motor Speedway

Nestled in the heart of Arkansas, Batesville Motor Speedway has been a cornerstone of dirt track racing since its inception in 1971. The 3/8-mile oval dirt track offers a unique blend of straights and challenging curves, making it an ideal stage for the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series. The speedway's storied history has seen countless thrilling races, and this year's event promises to add another chapter to its legacy.

The track's compact design and varied layout create opportunities for strategic driving, with Late Model cars set to demonstrate their power and agility on the challenging terrain. Batesville Motor Speedway's lively crowds and energetic atmosphere add to the excitement, making it a favorite destination for drivers and fans alike.

The Series: COMP Cams Super Dirt Series

The COMP Cams Super Dirt Series has built a reputation for showcasing some of the best Late Model drivers in the region, and this year's event at Batesville Motor Speedway is no exception. The series features high-powered Late Model cars, equipped to navigate the track's tricky curves and straights at high speeds. These machines captivate fans and offer thrilling spectacles on the dirt track.

Last Year's Prize Information:

Cash Prizes: The series offers significant cash prizes, with the main event's winner taking home $5,000.
Bonus Prizes: Additional cash bonuses are awarded for various achievements, such as heat wins, quick time awards, and hard charger recognition.

The Drivers and Teams

This year's lineup brings together a diverse group of talented drivers, representing teams from across the region. The competition is expected to be fierce, with seasoned professionals and emerging stars all vying for victory.

Last year's event saw an exciting mix of participants, with drivers battling for substantial prizes and a chance to make their mark on the dirt track racing scene. Notable teams and drivers are expected to return, including several top-ranked late-model drivers looking to defend or improve upon their previous standings:

Logan Martin: Last year's winner, taking home the main event's $5,000 prize, and expected to return to defend his title.
Brian Rickman: Finished second, showing a strong performance throughout the event and eyeing a victory this year.
Morgan Bagley: Secured third place, offering a consistent performance, and aiming to improve his standings in the upcoming race.

The Race Format

Batesville Motor Speedway's grandstands are set to be packed with enthusiastic fans, cheering on their favorite drivers and teams. The track's electric atmosphere, coupled with the roar of Late Model engines, creates an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Fans can expect a lively crowd, with many traveling from across Arkansas and beyond to witness the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series in action. The energy in the stands is palpable, adding an extra layer of excitement to the races on the track. This vibrant atmosphere makes the event a must-attend for racing enthusiasts, whether seasoned fans or newcomers to the sport.

The COMP Cams Super Dirt Series at Batesville Motor Speedway promises a thrilling weekend of dirt track racing on May 10-11. The event's mix of talented drivers, high-powered Late Model cars, and Batesville's storied track offers an irresistible blend of excitement and drama. Fans can look forward to nail-biting qualifying heats, an action-packed feature race, and an electric atmosphere in the stands. Mark your calendars and join us for a weekend of pure racing excitement!


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