Five Star Polycarbonate Racing Windows are Number One in all forms of Motorsports! ››

Why Five Star is #1 in all Motorsports:

1. Exclusive Optical Grade Materials: We use a grade of polycarbonate material developed exclusively for (and only available from) Five Star.

2. Multiple Hard Coating Options: We offer multiple coating types to best suit your needs. These coatings greatly enhance durability with abrasion & chemical resistance, UV protective & anti-fogging coatings!

3. Screen-printed Black-out Borders: Scratch-resistant, non-flaking permanent ink borders give you a clean professional look that saves you hours of prep & aggravation!

4. World-class Custom Forming: We invented our own forming process which assures you the perfect optics & drop in fit!

5. CNC-trimmed for Easy Installation: CNC cut to size with consistent perfect fit, smooth beveled edges & pre-drilled holes for easy installation!.

Build the Perfect Window for your Budget!

Monolithic Polycarbonate or SafeGuard Laminated Polycarbonate ››
›› Material deflects heavy impact for better driver safety
›› Similar thickness to monolithic (single-layer) polycarbonate windows
›› Mandated windshield for all NASCAR Sprint Cup and Xfinity divisions

Thicknesses: 0.093", 0.118", 3/16" (.177"), 1/4" (.236")

Coatings: Mar-Resistant Coated or Un-Coated (Economy)

Black-out Border: Screen printed border or no border

CNC Machining: Oversize (2" larger than frame, hand cut & sand to install), Cut to size (Will fit perfectly!), Predrilled holes or Countersunk holes

Edge Treatment: Straight Cut or Beveled

Exclusive optical grade materials: only from Five Star!

Significant weight savings & driver safety compared to glass.

We only use the highest optical grade polycarbonate developed exclusively by, and only available from, Five Star.

Our material shall not be confused with the lesser optical and hard coating grade Lexan brand.

We invented our own forming process, which assures you of superior optics and perfect fit.

Ready to Ship Windows:

Oval Track: Windshields, Rear Windows, Quarter Windows
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Drag Racing: Aftermarket (Chevrolet Corvette & S-10 Truck, Ford Mustang), Dragster, Funny Car (Chevrolet Impala & Monte Carlo, Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, Toyota), Pro Mod (Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang), Pro Stock-Pro Sportsman (Chevrolet Camaro SS, Cavalier & Cobalt, Dodge Avenger, Dart, Neon & Stratus, Ford Mustang, Pontiac Grand Am, GTO & GXP)
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Factory Stock Dimension (for road racing & other applications): BMW (E30 coupe, E36 coupe or sedan, E46 coupe), Chevrolet (Camaro, Corvette, Monte Carlo, C1500 Truck, S-10 Truck), Dodge (Viper Generation), Ford (F150 truck, Mustang), Mazda (Miata MX-5), Pontiac (Firebird, Grand Prix, Solstice), Porsche (911, 993, 914, 996, 944, 997, 991, Boxster, Cayman)
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If we don't have your window...HAVE ONE CUSTOM MADE!

We offer six types of custom molded windows (mar-resistant coated polycarbonate in 0.093", 1/8", 3/16" & 1/4" thicknesses, and uncoated polycarbonate in 0.093" & 1/8" thicknesses) with two price levels, depending on the dimensions of your window.

Pricing starts at only $144 and is determined by size, coating & thickness of your custom window.

Click here for instructions on how to measure your window and custom window prices.

Contact customer service if you have questions about windows within our product line or custom window forming. We will help you get the window you need.

Coated Windows: Better Quality, Longer Lasting!

Polycarbonate is a soft material, which is how it absorbs impact. Because of this, it scratches easily. Even cleaning an uncoated window can cause scratch marks, affecting visibility.

A mar-resistant hard coating is a much better quality product with a significantly longer product life. We coat using our world-renowned high tech process.

Flexible coating applied before molding allows for easy shipping.

Permanent anti-fog coating is included at no additional cost..



  1. Do not scrub with brushes or other devices that may scratch and/or gouge your window.
  2. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners and chemical solvents.
  3. For extreme situations, Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) is an acceptable cleaning solvent.
  4. Repel finger smudges, dirt, dust, grime and moisture with a streak and haze free finish with Five Star's Window Cleaner.
Five Star Brand Window Cleaner and Protectant
Five Star Brand Window Cleaner is specially formulated to be the ultimate product for cleaning and protecting clear plastics.
  • It was developed to repel finger smudges, dirt, dust, grime and moisture with a streak and haze free finish.
  • It has a special anti-fog agent that prevents fogging before the problem begins!
  • It contains no chemicals or abrasives that will cause damage to plastics and windows.
Five Star Brand Window Cleaner works great on:
  • All clear plastics (polycarbonate, acrylic/Plexiglas┬«, etc.)
  • helmet face shields
  • lenses
  • windows
  • windshield tear-offs
  • window tints
  • colored plastics
  • safety glazing
  • painted surfaces

Mounting Instructions

  1. When trimming your window, always use sharp, coarse tooth jigsaw blades.
  2. After cutting, all edges must be sanded smooth to prevent fracturing.
  3. All holes must be drilled slightly oversized to avoid stressing areas; countersink all holes. Five Star's countersink bit is perfect for this job.
  4. Use machine screws with nylon lock nuts, as in Five Star's Window Installation Kit. Do not mount windows with rivets! The pressure exerted on the surface of the window during rivet installation will eventually cause fracturing.
  5. Do not overtighten! Polycarbonate windows must be able to expand and contract. Overtightening screws will crack the window around the mounting holes.
  6. DO NOT USE LIQUID THREADLOCKER (I.E. LOCTITE®) FOR WINDOW MOUNTING! It will cause stress cracking on the polycarbonate. Use only these approved sealants for polycarbonate windows:
    • 3M Ultrapro
    • Dow Corning 795
    • Momentive/GE SCS2000 SilPruf
    • 3M Super Silicone Sealant
    • Dow Corning 995


Window Installation Kit

Window Installation Kit Enough hardware to properly install a polycarbonate windshield, rear window & quarter windows:
  • (120) 6-32 1/2" flat head anodized socket screws
  • (16) 6-32 3/4" flat head anodized socket screws
  • (120) 6-32 nylon locknuts
  • Long-arm hex key
  • 9/64" drill bit

High Speed Countersink Bit

High Speed Countersink Bit
Use to countersink installation screws into polycarbonate.
  • 3/8" diameter steel bit with a 1/4" shank
  • Not required for pre-cut to fit, beveled and drilled windows.

Video: Safeguard 200 mph Test

Five Star Has You Covered!

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