Racers, Car Owners & Builders are Talking about Five Star!

Bill Venturini:

“They make our job a whole lot easier.”

Mark Wertz:

“User friendly, easy to mount, and they sure make a nice body!”

Tommy Lemons Jr.:

“Quality & speed.”

Robby Gordon:

“Reliability ... these guys are the best I've seen.”


Jeff Fultz:

“The way they go together saves us so much time.”

Mitch Green:

“Fit good ... competitively price ... easy to install.”

Randy Renfrow:

“You can almost put them on in the dark ... I've been using them a long time.”

Donnie Wilson:

“Quality ... fit ... it's number one in our sport.”


Lee Pulliam:

“I like ... the never-stop attitude to make their product better.”

Ben Rowe:

“Great appearance and detail.”

Bubba Pollard:

“Windows fit nice ... you won't find a better quality body.”

Michael Faulk:

“Quality, durability, reliability & ease of getting parts.”

Steve Wallace:

“Fit & finish is awesome, and I like to win.”


Jeff Burton:

“We like the consistency ... saves time.”

Casey Smith:

“Quality & quick response when I need something ... I know it's going to be right.”

Bond Suss:

“Performance, Quality, Fit & Finish.”

Derek Kneeland:

“They travel the best, they look the best.”

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