MD3 Evolution Dirt Late Model Complete Combo Kits by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Starting at: $312.00



High-impact molded plastic nose & fenders plus a vinyl Nose ID graphics kit, 4 styles, 6 colors

Product Details

"Every square inch of this front end has aerodynamic features built into it. Everything has a function. There is a little bit of styling in the headlight area, but every other shape on this nose is there to help build downforce." - Carl Schultz
    Designed for maximum downforce, improved fit and easier installation:
    • Nose:
    • Enhanced splitter for increased handling in traffic
    • Designed for easier and more efficient mounting than Gen 2 version
    • Fits your same bumper configuration & meets current rules packages
    • Optional lower aero valance is also new & improved and specific to this style.
    • Fenders:
    • Improved front downforce & side force
    • Optional flat right side MD3 Evolution fender is designed for higher rear downforce percentage.
    • Nose ID Graphics Kits:
    • Tough High Tack Vinyl with the most aggressive adhesives = graphics won’t blow off!
    • Laminated surface for excellent sandblast and chemical protection!
Click here to see step by step mounting a Five Star MD3 Evolution nose on Hot Rod Network.
    Molded exclusive high-impact plastic:
  • Superior flexibility and ability to maintain structural integrity
  • Durability without added weight
  • Smooth finish does not require painting
  • Excellent paint adhesion with Five Star Plastic Primer
Nobody does tough, durable, molded plastic like us!
Click here to learn why Five Star's exclusive high-impact plastic is superior to all others.

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