Body Packages, ABC, traditional roof: blue, red or yellow

ABC blue, red or yellow traditional roof body by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Starting at: $1,286.00



Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Dodge Charger

Product Details

Superior color match and exceptional surface finish!
    These offset composite bodies conform to ABC rules and are designed to fit a straight rail/offset style chassis with:
  • a 47" roof height
  • up to a 66" tread width
  • up to a 106" wheelbase with molded plastic fenders (up to a 108" wheelbase with composite fenders)

These bodies conform to ABC (Approved Body Configuration) rules as adopted by:
  • AABLM: Airport Auto Broker Late Models
  • ACT: American-Canadian Tour
  • ARCA Midwest Tour
  • Big 8 Late Models
  • CARS Tour
  • CRA Super Series
  • Granite State Pro Stock Series
  • Jeg's All-Stars Tour
  • PASS Series
  • Rocky Mountain Challenge
  • Southern Super Series
  • SRL Spears Southwest Tour
  • and other associations and tracks

Download a spec sheet (PDF format) here.


Panels (by material), x=color: CB=blue, R=red, Y=yellow Package 1, Re-skin: PN 583-100-x Package 2, Package A: PN 583-112-x Package 3, Economy Complete: PN 583-142-x Package 4, Complete with Advanced Lightweight Composite Panels: PN 583-152-x
Deck lid: PN 661-310A-x   yes yes yes
Deck lid hold-down   yes yes yes
Doors (2): PN 661-21A-xL&R yes yes yes yes
Composite, standard hand-laid:        
Hood: PN 670-3301-x   yes yes  
Roof: 661-5102-x   yes yes  
Composite, advanced lightweight:        
Hood: PN 670-3301-x       yes
Roof: 661-5102-x       yes
Composite, ULTRAGLASS:        
Cowl panel: PN 671-5100-x   yes yes yes
Deck lid filler panel: PN 661-3200-x   yes yes yes
Quarter panels (2): PN 463-270-xL&R yes yes yes yes
Molded Plastic:        
Fenders for 10" tires (2): PN 660-24-xL&R yes yes yes yes
Nose, model specific:
Chevrolet SS: PN 660-410-x
Dodge Charger: PN 470-410-x
Ford Fusion: PN 570-410-x
Toyota Camry: PN 720-410-x
yes yes yes yes
Rear bumper cover: PN 460-450-x yes yes yes yes
Rocker panels (2): PN 000-5501P-x yes yes yes yes
5" x 60" x 3/16" 70°: PN 661-6747     yes yes
Windows (see note* below):        
Windshield, mar-resistant coated: PN 564-6325-3B     yes yes
Quarter windows, mar-resistant coated (2): PN 460-6515BL&R     yes yes
Rear window, uncoated: PN 574-6111-3B     yes yes

* Package windows are molded, pre-cut to fit, beveled & drilled, with permanent Black-out Border.

Yellow composite body panels may be special order parts, contact Five Star for availability.

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