Body Packages, MD3 Pavement Modified, black or white

MD3 Pavement Modified bodies in black or white by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Starting at: $1,270.00



Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang

Product Details

Body Mounting Dimensions:

  • Front overhang: 42" maximum
  • Rear overhang: 48"
  • Roof height: 44"
  • Front door height: 30" minimum
  • Rear quarter panel height: 36" maximum
  • Outside to outside of body: 66" maximum



Panels (by material) Package 1
Camaro PN 022-112
Mustang PN 025-112
Package 2
Camaro PN 022-132
Mustang PN 025-132
Doors (2): PN 020-21A-xL&R yes yes
Hood, center: PN 020-33A-xC yes yes
Nose filler panel: PN 020-4101A-x yes yes
Quarter panels (2): PN 020-27A-xL&R yes yes
Rear filler panel: PN 020-450A-x yes yes
Composite, standard hand-laid:    
Hood, sides (2): PN 020-330-xL&R yes yes
Hood scoop: PN 020-3330-x   yes
Roof: PN 022-5102-x yes yes
Sail panels (2): PN 02X-280-xL&R yes yes
Molded Plastic, exclusive high-impact:    
Nose, black or white (colors optional): PN 020-410-x yes yes
Rear wheel flares (4): PN 020-261-colorL&R   yes
Rocker panels (3): PN 007-5500-color   yes
1/8" polycarbonate: PN 000-6701   yes
Windows (see note* below):    
Windshield, flat, mar-resistant coated: PN 020-6303-2   yes
Quarter windows, molded, mar-resistant coated (2): PN 02X-6505B   yes
Rear window, flat, mar-resistant coated: PN 020-6105-1   yes

x=color: B=black, W=white
02X- = -022- (Camaro) or 025- (Mustang)
* Package windshield & quarter windows are pre-cut to fit. Rear window requires trimming to fit. Molded windshield and rear window are available as options.