Body Pkgs, Off Road Pro 2 - Pro 4 Trucks

Off Road Pro 4 Chevy Silverado by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Starting at: $2,123.00



Fits most Pro 2 & Pro 4 truck chassis. 6 styles: F-150, Ram, Raptor, Silverado, Titan or Tundra

Product Details

The TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE off road truck body ever made!
  • (6) body styles available, featuring manufacturer specific hood and front grill.
  • Oversized Bed Side Panels accommodate most wheelbase adjustments.
  • Available in blue, black and white surface colors with flawless surface finish: leave body unpainted or only lightly scuff for paint prep.
    We chose the optimum durability materials for each body panel:
  • Molded, exclusive high-impact plastic fenders and bed sides.
  • Standard hand-laid composite grill panel, hood, roof and roof posts.
  • ULTRAGLASS doors.
Download a spec sheet here.