Hood Pin Brackets by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Starting at: $28.00



Preformed to fit the top of the nose to meet templates!

Product Details

Now available in light weight aluminum - less than half the weight of steel!
  • Includes 5 tabs for 5 hood pins.
  • Will work for both 1/2" & 3/8" hood pins


  1/2" Steel
Hood Pin Bracket
3/4" Steel
Hood Pin Bracket
3/4" Aluminum
Hood Pin Bracket
ABC, LMSC & Straight-up Bodies:      
Chevrolet SS, Impala, Monte Carlo, Dodge Charger, Toyota Camry PN 660-410-HPB PN 660-411-HPB PN 660-411A-HPB
Ford Fusion, Taurus PN 570-410-HPB PN 570-411-HPB PN 570-411A-HPB
Dirt Grand National Bodies:      
All styles except Ford Fusion PN 700-410-HPB PN 700-411-HPB N/A
Ford Fusion PN 703-410-HPB PN 703-411-HPB N/A
Fiberglass Sportsman Bodies:      
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 634-410-HPB N/A N/A
Pontiac Grand Prix 334-410-HPB N/A N/A
Mini Stock '93 Mustang PN 915-410-HPB N/A N/A
S2 Bodies, all styles: 664-410-HPB 664-411-HPB N/A
Street Stock '88 Monte Carlo PN 600-410-HPB N/A N/A
Trucks, Short Track:      
Chevrolet C1500 T230-410-HPB N/A N/A
Ford F150 T250-410-HPB N/A N/A

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