Cowl Induction Cold Air Boxes, 2 bbl

standard 2 bbl cold air box
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for ABC, S2, Straight-up & Fiberglass Sportsman bodies

Product Details

All new design for a huge & noticeable gain over all other air boxes ever made!
  • Ultra lightweight, strong and durable composite construction.
  • Extensive flow bench testing for peak air flow efficiency
  • Maximum airflow using air filters as short as 3" without cfm loss
  • Increased distributor & under hood clearance
  • Fits a 14" filter element
  • Designed to mate with updated Cowl Air Deflector PN 000-5200A.
  • Click here for details on optional Heat Shield Kit.
  • Optional offset 2 bbl. air box is for engines with a larger setback.
    • Designed to position the air filter farther forward for optimal flow without obstructing the cowl opening.
    • Still uses standard round 14" filter element.

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Individual replacement pieces are available for these and older style cold air boxes.
Call customer service (262.877.2171) for details.