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Priced from: $342.00


standard hand-laid composite
advanced lightweight composite (+$143.00)


Standard hand-laid composite or advanced lightweight composite

Product Details

Includes attached windshield A-posts and cowl panel.
Flange-fitted to Deck Lid Filler/Rear Window Panel for proper fit.
    Optional advanced lightweight composite panel features:
  • the strongest & lightest panels without compromising rigidity.
  • up to 47% weight savings over the standard hand-laid composite panel
  • Made with the best state-of-the-art materials and advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Precision weight control
  • No surface print-through
  • Tremendous shear (tear) resistance
Click Material Details> Composites: Advanced Lightweight (at left) to learn why other manufacturers' "lite weight" panels are not even close to what we offer!

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