Pro Sportsman GTO
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Pro Stock - Pro Sportsman Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac GTO

Product Details

  • Flange-fit design for easy installation.
  • One-piece front clip
  • One-piece rear body section
  • Bonded doors include inner and outer panels.
  • Optional NHRA or IHRA-style advanced lightweight composite spoiler
  • Package C molded polycarbonate windows are available oversize or optional pre-cut to fit.


  Cobalt GTO
dash PN PCS0662 PN PCS0662
deck lid PN 913-310L PN 914-310L
doors (2) PN 913-210LL&R PN 914-210LL&R
front clip, one-piece PN 913-410L PN 914-410L
rear body section, one-piece PN 913-5100L PN 914-5100L


1/8" door windows * PN 913-6225L&R PN 914-6225L&R
1/8" quarter windows * PN 913-6525L&R PN 914-6525L&R
1/8" rear window * PN 913-6125 PN 914-6125
3/16" windshield * PN 913-6335-1 PN 914-6335-1

* All windows are molded, mar-resistant polycarbonate. Standard oversize windows are at least 2" larger than the window frame. Cutting, trimming, beveling & drilling is required.

Pre-cut to fit & beveled windows are optional. Pre-cut to fit formed (molded) windows are CNC cut to the exact size required to fit into the window frame. A CNC-machined bevel along the edges provides the necessary clearance for flush mounting the window within the frame.


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Five Star custom formed racing windows are superior to all others!

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