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LMSC Complete Template Set by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Includes all 7 LMSC wood templates

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Templates included in set:

NASCAR name Five Star PN common name placement
A 672-82C Body centerline Windshield base to rear bumper cover
B Chevrolet/Toyota: 672-82N
Ford: 592-82N
Nose centerline Nose to windshield base
B-3 672-82NS Nose side-to-side Place on the nose along the bumper line.
DL Chevrolet/Toyota: 672-82FL
Ford: 592-82FL
Fender, left Place 23-7/8" from centerline.
DR Chevrolet/Toyota: 672-82FR
Ford: 592-82FR
Fender, right Place 26-1/2" from centerline.
G 672-82S Roof, rear, side-to-side Place 90 degrees to roof at the top of the rear window.
H 672-82R Rear window Place 16" down from top of rear window, 90 degrees to window.