Basic Body Mounting Kit for LMSC
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Chevy Impala
Ford Fusion
Dodge Charger
Toyota Camry


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Product Details

Five Star recommended and commonly used for new body installations.

(items marked * have option choices)

Kit components

Basic Kit

Deluxe Kit
Braces, body mounting (two 2-packs) yes yes
Brace Kit, rear window (3-pack) yes yes
Brace Kit, windshield (3-pack) yes yes
Bumper, front, .065" steel, 1.75" round* yes yes
Bumper, rear yes yes
Deck Lid Hold-down Kit yes yes
Hood Pin Bracket, standard* yes yes
Hood Pin Kit, 1/2" pins (5-pack)* yes yes
Rear Deck Mounting Kit yes yes
Screen, nose, 3/16" mesh* yes yes
Window Installation Kit yes yes
Windows, Door Vent (pair) yes yes
Body Braces, polycarbonate (7-pack)   yes
Body Braces, telescoping (6-pack)   yes
Bracing, custom, threaded end assemblies (4-pack)   yes
Bracing, custom, tubing kit (2-pack)   yes
Graphics, Nose ID kit   yes
Graphics, Tail ID kit   yes
Mounting Kit, front bumper, adjustable   yes
Mounting Kit, rear bumper*   yes
Nose Braces (pair)   yes
Wear Strip Attaching Kit   yes
Wear Strips (pair)*   yes

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