Fenders for use with 10" tires

Standard ABC molded plastic fender for 10" tires
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Molded plastic or ULTRAGLASS, for ABC bodies

Product Details

    ABC fenders for use with 10" tires:
  • fit all current ABC body styles (up to a 106" wheelbase for molded plastic & up to 108" wheelbase for ULTRAGLASS).
  • provide improved tire clearance for 66" tread width & soft spring set-up, and are the maximum allowed width.
  • include 1/2" square fender brackets.
  • are available in ready-to-race black, blue, red, white or yellow, or are paintable (For best results, use Five Star Plastic Primer on all plastic parts.)
    Molded exclusive high-impact plastic:
  • Superior flexibility and ability to maintain structural integrity
  • Durability without added weight
  • Smooth finish does not require painting
  • Excellent paint adhesion with Five Star Plastic Primer

Nobody does tough, durable, molded plastic like us!
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  • Zero surface deflection at high speeds and absorbs heavy impact
  • 300% stronger and MORE DURABLE than any other standard fiberglass
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!! Exceptional color match and superior surface finish
Nobody has any composite like ULTRAGLASS: only Five Star!
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