Rivets, Avex-style, unpainted

Unpainted rivets by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Product Details

Five Star Brand Exclusive Avex-style rivets are the best rivets on the market: extremely tight grip and won't spin while drilling out!
  • These multi-grip rivets provide a super tight hold by expanding in the hole to prevent loose body panels. Grip range: up to 1/2"
  • Sold in quantities of 100 & 500, large head & small head.
  • 3/16" rivets are also available painted. Click here for black, blue, red, white or yellow rivets.
    Application & Use Notes:
  1. Use Long Shank rivets for fastening fender, door and windshield post together.
  2. Optional Five Star Back-up Washers are recommended for attaching plastic body panels.
  3. Peel Rivets do not require back-up washers. Use them in areas where there is no room to position a washer.

  4. Return to this page as often as needed to order as many different types of rivets as you need.

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