Body Packages, Street Stock '81-88 Monte Carlo

Street Stock body packages by Five Star Race Car Bodies
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Starting at: $980.00



Body panels designed to ensure stock appearance with improved mounting & fit to make installation easy!

Product Details

Complete body packages with after-market or new factory replacement panels all manufactured to OEM specifications.


Panels (by material) Package 1, Re-skin Package: PN 601-100 Package 2, Package A: PN 601-112 Package 3, Complete Body Package: PN 601-142
Deck lid: PN 601-310S   yes yes
Doors (2): PN 601-21SL&R yes yes yes
Fenders, Factory Outer Skin (2): PN 601-24SL&R yes yes yes
Quarter panels, Factory Outer Skin (2): PN 601-28SL&R yes yes yes
Composite, standard hand-laid:      
Deck lid filler panel: PN 601-3200   yes yes
Hood, please specify:
Flat: PN 601-3301
Scooped: PN 601-3303
  yes yes
Roof, 2-piece w/integrated A-posts & Windshield Cowl Panel: PN 601-5102 & 601-5112   yes yes
Molded Plastic:      
Nose, please specify:
Classic-style: PN 600-410-color
MD3: PN 021-410-color
yes yes yes
Rear bumper cover: PN 021-450-color yes yes yes
Rocker panels, MD3 (2): PN 007-5500-color yes yes yes
2-piece .080" Aluminum, 70°: PN 601-6702   yes yes
Windows (see note* below):      
Windshield, 1/8" mar-resistant coated, trimmed: PN 601-6303-2B     yes
Quarter windows, .093" uncoated, trimmed (2): PN 601-6502-2B     yes
Rear window, .093" uncoated, pre-cut to fit: PN 601-6101-2B     yes

* Package windows are flat (unmolded) with a permanent black-out border.

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