Wide Angle Racing Mirrors
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Priced from: $72.00


split view
curved (+$9.00)
flat (+$9.00)


Help eliminate blind spots on both sides of the car.

Product Details

Mount directly overhead for a Wide Angle view of the competition.
  • Shatter-proof polycarbonate
  • Mounted in a heavy-duty frame
  • Each mirror comes with a bracket kit to make installation easy on any chassis.
  • 17¾" x 3"
  • Weight: 1 lb.
New Split View Mirror:
  • Two flat mirrors result in distortion-free optics.
  • Angle break (split) in the middle is adjustable: bend to widen your range of visibility.
New Mirror Bracket:
  • Extended bracket length for larger range of adjustability.
  • Lightweight stamped metal with a satin black powder coat finish.
  • Included with all mirror styles, or available separately.

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