Ultraglass Composites: Fiberglass Re-defined

Five Star Ultraglass: 300% stronger than standard fiberglass composites with zero surface deflection at high speeds, & absorbs heavy impact!

Ultraglass is Not The Same Old School Fiberglass Other Body Companies Offer

Fiberglass Redefined:
This exclusive composite blend uses special fabrics and laminating processes developed by and only available from Five Star!


  • Ultra-Tough:
    Unmatched impact resistance; no other composite is stronger! Panels that deflect 300% further before breaking = less debris on the race track and less time in the pits!
  • Ultra-Light:
    Over 30% lighter than standard hand-laid composites. Parts made to under 5% target weight tolerance
  • Ultra-Fast:
    Zero surface deflection at all racing speeds
  • Ultra-Smooth:
    All panels are made with a smooth inner surface (LMSC panels dyed black to eliminate painting), are buffed to an excellent surface finish and wrapped for ultimate protection!
  • Ultra-Green:
    93% reduction in harmful emissions during the manufacturing process. All parts are manufactured in our clean EPA environmentally compliant facility.

Are you tired of replacing body panels over & over?
Perhaps it's time to switch to Five Star's Ultraglass Composites!


See how Five Star ULTRAGLASS fenders compare to "their" composite fenders:


If you are tired of replacing body panels over & over,
perhaps it's time to switch to Five Star ULTRAGLASS!

Chris Weinkauf took a hard hit at Madison Int'l. Speedway in Wisconsin.

but his ULTRAGLASS fenders came through just fine,
(and so did his high-impact plastic Five Star nose)!

Donnie Wilson hit hard enough to kill his radiator,
but his ULTRAGLASS fenders survived the impact,
(and so did his high-impact plastic Five Star nose)!

"Your new ULTRAGLASS fenders are awesome!
The whole front of my car was smashed in the Labor Day 100 race at Slinger Speedway.
We took the rivets out and the fender came right back to its proper shape!
Thank you! My car looked great in the championship pictures without needing new fenders!"

Dennis Prunty
2012 Dells Raceway Park TUNDRA Champion
2012 Slinger Speedway Champion