Tested Tough Videos

Tested Tough by Five Star: The Toughest & Longest Lasting Racing Bodies!

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star Offroad Truck Plastic Panel Test

We had fun and performed a test to show you just how strong our new Offroad Truck Hi-Impact plastic panels really are!

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star Tractor Fender Crush

After years of research and development, our engineers have uncovered a secret to Higher Performance Fiberglass. Introducing our latest creation in fiberglass bodies by Five Star.... ULTRAGLASS.

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star plastic & composite body panels

Can you run over your plastic or composite race car body panels with a truck? We can - and did! All Five Star race car body panels are Tested Tough. If they can survive what we do to them, imagine how well they'll hold up on the track!