Standard hand-laid composite

Nobody does tough, durable fiberglass composites like Five Star!

  • Hand-laid resin-controlled layup:
    CSM fiberglass material w/lightweight foam reinforcements for consistent strength, plus or minus 5% target weight and superior shape consistency.
  • Paintable & repairable body components:
    Sandable gelcoat exterior surface requires only a light scuff to prep for paint and is repairable
  • Application-appropriate composition:
    Fenders & quarter panels feature special engineered flexibility. ABC Cowl/Dash panel utilizes flame resistant resin.
  • Five Star Quality Control:
    All composite parts are made from our premium tooling. Our tools (molds) are stored indoors to reduce warping. We take great care to maintain a flawless surface to our tools in order to prevent surface imperfections in our body panels.
  • Ultra-green:
    93% reduction in harmful emissions during the manufacturing process. All parts are manufactured in our clean EPA environmentally compliant facility.

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