High Impact Molded Plastics

Unsurpassed impact resistance & durability!

  • EXCLUSIVE High-Impact Plastic Materials:
    Five Star uses our own state-of-the-art proprietary blend of plastic material that is Ultra-durable, light weight and holds up in the toughest racing conditions. Engineered high elongation provides superior flexibility while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Unique Forming Processes:
    Parts are formed using state-of-the-art computer automated thermoforming machines with temperature controlled cast aluminum tooling to assure superior shape consistency.
  • consistent weight:
    Parts made to under 5% target weight tolerance

NOTE: Use Five Star Plastic Primer before painting.

Our Five Star brand Plastic Primer is specifically engineered for the special plastic materials we use. Other automotive grade primers on the market may not work at all.


Shop Five Star Exclusive High-Impact Molded Plastic Noses & Rear Bumper Covers

    Please follow the "Products" links (above, left) for other plastic body components, including:
  • fenders, quarter panels & rocker panels for oval track bodies
  • fenders & bed sides for off road trucks
  • wheel flares, hood scoops, rocker panels & more for MD3 dirt late models & modifieds

This featured plastic is used in the MD3 brand: the proven best body panels in all dirt racing!