Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure that your on-line shopping experience with Five Star Race Car Bodies is a pleasant one.

Tips to help enhance your viewing experience:

Be sure you have the latest version of your browser of choice:

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How do I stop the slide show or get more info on the products in it?

  • To stop a slide show, hover your mouse over the slide.
  • To see more information about the products shown, click on the slide image itself.


Navigating Five Star's web site:

We have tried to make Five Star's on-line store easier than ever to navigate and shop with fewer clicks.
  1. Use the Products panel (at left) to quickly navigate: Click the + to expand a listing and the - to close it back up.
  2. Within the catalog itself, you can use your browser's back arrow to return to the previous page.
  3. If you would prefer a print version of any of Five Star's catalogs, please click the "Downloads" link, above for PDFs (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) of catalogs, body rules & dimensions, or graphics planners for your body, as well as for Five Star logos (for use in print or on the web), and installation tips and videos from Five Star's Body Mounting DVD.


Known issues with specific browsers:

Jumbled or missing text in Firefox:

In Firefox, when "Zoom Text Only" is selected, you will see reflow problems such as jumbled or missing text because the text is zoomed but the background images are not. To fix this, go to (the pulldown) View > Zoom and be sure that "Zoom Text Only" is unchecked. Using View > Zoom In does not cause these problems as it correctly enlarges the whole page.


Safari for PC:

Some fonts do not render properly in the current PC version of Safari.


Old versions of Internet Explorer will not display properly.

We cannot guarantee full shopping cart functionality in older browsers, particularly in Internet Explorer versions older than version 11.0. To find what version you are using, from the browser top menu, click Help> About Internet Explorer. If you are using a version older than 11.0, and want to continue using Internet Explorer, click here to upgrade to the latest version.

To view this site correctly in IE10, please follow these steps:

  • Open F12 Tools by pressing the F12 key.
  • On the Browser Mode menu, click Internet Explorer 10.
  • On the Document Mode menu, click Standards.
  • OR (better yet) update your browser to the latest version by choosing automatic updates.


Log-in problems with Internet Explorer 8:

Follow these steps in Internet Explorer 8:
  1. In the Tools Pulldown > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete (keep the default checkmarks: Preserve Favorites website data, Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History)
  2. In the Tools Pulldown > Internet Options > Advanced > Restore advanced settings (leave the checkbox unchecked and click "Reset")
  3. Close Internet Explorer
  4. Start Internet Explorer again and return to
  5. OR (better yet) update your browser to the latest version by choosing automatic updates.


Remember: for the best viewing experience possible throughout the web, please update your browser!