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Download catalog PDFs for just your favorite body style here:

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PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Click HERE to download Acrobat Reader.


This collection of 'to-scale' line drawings of various body styles allows you to draw in graphics or sponsor logos to present them or plan their design.

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EPS format requires Adobe Illustrator or similar.

body mounting guidelines drawing





Here are a few installation tips from our Body Mounting D in Windows Media Player format. Just choose the tip you'd like to view and what file size you'd like to see it in by clicking on the appropriate link.
    Low Bandwidth File High Bandwidth File
Body Hanging Tools 1:02 525KB 2.19 MB
Before Getting Started :56 829KB 3.81 MB
Locating Centerline of Chassis 1:34 1.54 MB 7.70 MB
Roof Locating Fixture 2:41 2.63 MB 19.71 MB
Cowl Installation - Step 1: Roof Prep 3:00 2.93 MB 23.0 MB
Cowl Installation - Step 2: Mounting Cowl 2:36 2.55 MB 19.8 MB
Cowl Installation - Step 3: Mounting Fenders 13:01 12.6 MB 100 MB
Installing Cold Air Box 8:02 7.81 MB 61.9 MB
Bump 'N Run Radiator Duct Installation 6:57 6.58 MB 52.2 MB