Advanced Body Technology

What This Means to You ...

"Advanced Body Technology" is a big statement, but one that we live up to throughout our design and manufacturing processes to assure that our customers are provided with BEST-IN-CLASS BODIES.

It means that all of our original products are developed with the following 5 steps in order to keep Five Star products at the forefront of quality and performance.

1. Cutting Edge Aero Designs

Five Star's body designs are engineered using the latest processes such as CFD and wind tunnel testing by qualified engineers. All of our bodies are designed with maximum downforce and peak aero balance!

2. Innovation

State-of-the-Art materials and processes: At Five Star Bodies, we NEVER sit still. We are continually seeking performance gains by researching & developing new materials and manufacturing processes.

Original Designs: Our 9 member Product Development Team monitors the continued improvement of original new products, processes and ideas.

3. Repeatable Fit

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Five Star is committed to producing replacement parts that fit the same every time, assuring that our bodies are the easiest to install and maintain.

4. Tested Tough

As seen in several of our YouTube videos, a vital part of Five Star's R&D process includes various series of highly destructive tests to gauge optimal performance of our parts.Nobody makes stronger parts than Five Star Bodies! Spend more time racing and less money replacing!

Click here to see our Tested Tough videos.

5. Five Star Bodies are Ultra Light

We cut weight without sacrificing strength and durability! Five Star strives for the lightest allowable weight in all markets we serve. We specialize in race car body weight reduction without aero deflection or adding unnecessary cost.

We never stop looking for ways to improve our products and to better serve you, our valued customer!