Straight-up Aluminum or Steel Body Packages, Panels & Windows

Designed to fit a straight up/perimeter style chassis with a 48" roof height, up to a 65" tread width, up to a 109" wheelbase (see NOTE, below), front overhang: 46", rear overhang: 47" and front of roof to center of rear axle: 57½"

NOTE: Standard doors & metal fenders fit wheelbases of less than 106". Extra-long doors (which must be used with plastic fenders) fit wheelbases of 106-109".
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Straight-up fiberglass or metal Chevrolet SS
Starting at: $38.00
Windows, Quarter, Straight-up Fusion
Straight-up fiberglass or metal Fusion
Starting at: $33.00
Windows, Rear, Straight-up Metal
Straight-up metal: 5 options
Starting at: $169.00
Windshield Black-out Kits
for Fiberglass Sportsman, Straight-up & 1981-88 Monte Carlo windshields
Starting at: $18.00
Windshields, Straight-up Metal
Straight-up metal: PN 564-6325
Starting at: $287.00
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