Body Installation Products

Save time and get that professional look!
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Body Mounting DVD
PN 801, details the complete body mounting process
Priced from: $11.00
Body Mounting Tab Kit
PN 807-4, for mounting roof, cowl, deck lid, side bracing and more!
Priced from: $17.00
Bumper Mounting Kit, front
PN 802-5, for ABC, LMSC, S2, Street Stock, Dirt Grand National, Truck,...
Priced from: $52.00
Bumper Mounting Kits, rear
2 configurations, for ABC, LMSC, S2, Dirt Grand Nat'l, Street Stock, Truck,...
Priced from: $18.00
Cowl Hood Pin Brackets
PN 000-510, holds hood flat along windshield cowl for a positive seal.
Priced from: $12.00
Hinge Kit, universal
PN 000-33H, designed for easy installation on all Five Star Bodies!
Priced from: $10.00
Hood Pin Bracket
Preformed to fit the top of the nose to meet templates!
Priced from: $26.00
Hood Pin Kits
5 sets, 1/2" or 3/8" pins
Priced from: $30.00
Hood Prop
PN 000-3400, Perfect when used with a pair of Hood Hinges.
Priced from: $42.00
Jig, body installation
PN 810, re-usable, fits any chassis except Mini Stock '93 Mustang
Priced from: $106.00
Plastic Primer
PN 842, promotes paint adhesion to all Five Star plastic components
Priced from: $17.00
Rear Deck Height Slider Kit
PN 802-3, allows easy adjustment of rear spoiler height.
Priced from: $9.00
Rear Deck Hold-down Kit
Allows easy access to your fuel cell.
Priced from: $16.00
Rear Deck Mounting Kit, complete
PN 660-450-RDK, everything you need in one convenient kit!
Priced from: $46.00
Roof Locating Fixture
PN 809P, Mount a complete body without the chassis underneath!
Priced from: $541.00
Tubing Kit, installation
PN 819, use for body mounting, bracing & more!
Priced from: $34.00
Windows, Mock-up Rear
Use with Roof Locating Fixture, durable & re-usable
Priced from: $61.00
Windshields, Mock-up
Use with Roof Locating Fixture, durable & re-usable
Priced from: $75.00
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