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Drag Racing bodies & windows by Five Star Race Car Bodies

These bodies are wind tunnel tested & designed to provide the ultimate in aerodynamics! They are the lightest composite bodies in the industry! We cut weight without sacrificing strength & durability. Each panel has unmatched surface quality ... just scuff & paint!


Pro Stock Mustang
Pro Stock - Pro Mod
2016 Ford Mustang

Designed to fit a 105-115" wheelbase chassis.

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Pro Stock Dart
Pro Stock Dodge Dart

Designed to fit a 105" wheelbase chassis.

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Pro Stock Camaro
Pro Stock - Pro Mod
2015 Camaro SS

Designed to fit a 105-115" wheelbase chassis.

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Pro Mod Camaro
Pro Mod 2012 Camaro SS

Approved by, and legal for use in:
NHRA Pro Mod, NMCA Pro Street, Top Sportsman & Super Classes.

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The Mustang, Dart & Camaros are approved by & legal for use in: NHRA, IHRA & many other racing sanctions worldwide. They are available in your choice of 3 quality materials for total body weight as light as 53 pounds!

Pro Stock Avenger
Pro Stock Avenger

Pro Stock-ready carbon fiber body
Also available in optional cost-saving advanced lightweight composite for sportsman use.

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Pro Sportsman Cobalt
Pro Sportsman Cobalt - GTO

Design based on NHRA Pro Stock chassis rules.
Advanced Lightweight Composite construction.

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Camaro Funny Car
Camaro Funny Car

Available through Chevrolet Performance.

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