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The lightest & strongest body panels on the market!
What is a Premium Advanced Lightweight Composite Body Panel?
  • Made with a laminate blend that is very close to a carbon fiber blend in strength & weight but without added costs.
The STRONGEST, LIGHTEST WEIGHT PANELS, without compromising rigidity.:
  • Up to 47% weight savings over standard fiberglass composite panels
  • Made with the best state-of-the-art materials and advanced manufacturing processes
  • Precision weight control
  • No surface print-through
  • Tremendous shear (tear) resistance
  • Zero surface deflection at all racing speeds
  • Smooth inner surface
  • All panels are buffed to an excellent surface finish and wrapped for protection.
  • If parts are not going to be painted, we recommend top coating with an automotive clearcoat, as the surface primers are not UV protected.
DON'T BE FOOLED by claims of "lite weight" hoods & roofs made by others!
  • There are cheap imitations that are not even close to the quality level of MD3 advanced composite panels. Other companies try to just mimic the fabric that we use and do not understand that it’s an entire manufacturing process that makes these parts the best!
  • Some will simply reduce the amount of material used, which results in a flimsy part that will not retain its shape at race speeds and will require additional bracing which adds additional weight to the installation.

impact resistance
shape consistency!
Superior & Exclusive Plastic Blend:
  • Ultra-durable, light weight material holds up in the toughest racing conditions.
  • The mixture of different exclusive materials fits the appropriate application.
  • Engineered high elongation provides superior flexibility while maintaining structural integrity.
Unique Plastic Forming Processes:
  • Formed using computer automated thermoforming machines.
  • Parts are formed using state-of-the-art high production forming equipment, with temperature-controlled cast aluminum tooling, to assure superior shape consistency.
  • Parts made to a plus or minus 5% target weight.

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